Landscaping elements are a huge part of any home's overall look and curb appeal. A lovely, well-manicured lawn with beautiful trees, shrubbery and colorful flowers can boost your home's attractiveness and style. But does landscaping increase home value? That's a question on many New Yorkers' minds as they consider which improvements may be worthwhile for their property.

Let's take a closer look at landscaping adding to property value and what you should know about investing in landscaping.

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

Numerous homeowners want to know whether landscaping improves their overall property value — and the short answer is yes! A quality, attractive outdoor sp...

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As artificial turf options continue to develop and improve, more and more people are considering substituting artificial turf for backyard grass. Artificial grass is often championed as a cost-effective, more sustainable alternative to natural grass. But before making the switch, it's important to investigate both sides of the turf war.

To help you make an informed landscaping decision, this article will take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of artificial turf vs. natural grass. But, keep in mind that the exact benefits and drawbacks of grass vs. turf will depend on what kind of artificial turf you're dealing with because the type of infill material, brand, quality, and installation proc...

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Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

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What is a Rain Garden

You might have heard that adding a rain garden to your yard can add beauty to your property and benefit the environment as well. What is a rain garden and how does it work? A rain garden is a collection of flowers and plants planted in a low lying spot in a yard with the intent to absorb and filter rainwater runoff. Rain gardens are beautiful, beneficial and a great way to preserve native flowers and local ecosystems using natural resources. Our rain garden guide will inform you of the benefits of rain gardens, how to build one, and more.

Benefits of Having a Rain Garden

You might be wondering what the purpose of a rain garden is and what having one can do for you and your home. Many benefits...

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Landscaping on a Budget

There is a lot of potential to be uncovered in your yard. Whether you are trying to spruce up your home for spring or improve your business' appeal, there are many ways to landscape and increase curb appeal while saving money. Let's explore some affordable tips for landscaping that you can implement in your front yard, back yard or in any other outdoor space you have - while not breaking your bank account with excessive landscaping costs!

Inexpensive Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

To get the most out of your outdoor space, schedule a consultation with an affordable landscape design team. Experts can help you make the most out of your yard space and design a space that reflects your personality...

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Landscaping for Curb Appeal

No matter what type of property you own, a few things stay the same across the board. You want it to function well. You’d love it if there weren’t any major structural problems that lead to headaches in later years. You want it to be in an ideal location. And finally, you hope your home or business will look great from the road.

It’s easy to assume this desire to create an attractive and eye-catching property is only essential for office buildings and businesses, but this isn’t true. While these types of settings will certainly want a beautiful property, this also applies to places like ordinary family homes. Imagine if you were trying to sell your home, and think ab...

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NYC Community Gardens

For many big-city dwellers, green spaces can be hard to find.

Most residents don't have access to yards, and even sunny balconies are rare. The problem is magnified in industrial, inner-city communities — for many families, fresh, affordable and locally-grown produce is hard to access.

However, a few determined gardeners are trying to change urban environments, one plant-filled lot at a time. The community garden movement attempts to bring more green spaces to cities, along with access to fresh produce. In communal gardens, city space is used to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and ornamental plants, providing locals with beautiful areas and healthy food.

New York City is no stranger to co...

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How to Prepare a Garden for Winter

You have a lot invested in your property, and that includes more than money. There's been time spent, energy expended and pride taken in keeping your grounds healthy and putting on an impressive show, but when winter sets in and snow covers your lawn, shrubs and beds, it’s easy to sit by the fire and forget about what’s happening outside.

Although your garden appears dormant, it’s preparing to rejuvenate once the temperature warms and the days lengthen. Come spring, your plant life will rise from the ground and begin its natural cycle. What you do in the fall to prepare your garden for winter survival will make all the difference in ensuring continued health and protecting...

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With warm temperatures and longer days, many homeowners are finding solace outdoors, and you want to keep your landscaping looking clean, inviting and attractive for relaxing after work or entertaining guests. Transform your outdoor space into an unforgettable and intriguing oasis by adding fresh, bright plantlife, warmth and texture throughout your space. With these summer landscaping ideas, you can keep your outdoors looking trendy and welcoming all summer.

Keep Your Outdoor Space Fresh: Trendy Summer Landscape Ideas

Whether you’re a gardening novice or a certified green thumb, you can revamp your outdoor space to a beautiful and unforgettable area with these five lawn care and mainten...

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Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

With scorching temperatures and nearly endless direct sunlight, many homeowners find it difficult to keep their lawns looking lush, healthy and green during the summer. Due to hot days and infrequent maintenance, your lawn can brown and weaken, allowing weeds and disease to take over. To keep your landscaping looking pristine, it’s important to start tending to your lawn early in the growing season to promote thick and healthy growth and prevent weeds, disease and pest intrusion. Keep your lawn looking fresh and green by following these lawn care tips for summer months!

Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Every home needs proper and regular attention, whether your landscaping is marked with lu...

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