Landscaping and Property Value


Landscaping elements are a huge part of any home's overall look and curb appeal. A lovely, well-manicured lawn with beautiful trees, shrubbery and colorful flowers can boost your home's attractiveness and style. But does landscaping increase home value? That's a question on many New Yorkers' minds as they consider which improvements may be worthwhile for their property.

Let's take a closer look at landscaping adding to property value and what you should know about investing in landscaping.

Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

Numerous homeowners want to know whether landscaping improves their overall property value — and the short answer is yes! A quality, attractive outdoor space can boost any house's worth. How much does landscaping add to home value? Good landscaping can add anywhere from 5.5 to 12.7% to a home's value, depending on the home's original condition and the type of landscaping. This addition can amount to tens of thousands of extra dollars in home value.

In New York, most land is already at a premium, so any improvement can pack a serious punch to the value of the property. Additionally, landscaping greatly improves the curb appeal of a home, which is a difficult aspect to quantify. However, increased curb appeal can mean that when you're interested in selling, you'll have a greater number of interested buyers willing to pay more. Plus, you can achieve a much faster sale.

Does Landscaping Increase Property Tax?

It can be an exciting prospect to think of the increased home value from landscaping projects. That said, the next question many homeowners then want to know is will landscaping increase property taxes? You may not consider taxes when it comes to landscaping, as it usually involves planting flowers and adding mulch. However, larger landscaping projects that add value to the overall property can also increase property taxes.

Completing some landscaping projects won't change your tax rates — but because the extra curb appeal boosts your home's value, it raises the property's taxable amount, as well. As a result, landscaping can increase the property taxes you need to pay. Fortunately, even with the increase in property taxes, most landscaping projects are still worth it for the improved property value and the beautiful curb appeal. Does landscaping add value to a home? Yes, even despite the taxes!


Is Landscaping a Good Investment?

The effect of landscaping on property value is clear, so you can consider landscaping as an investment in property value. While many people may not think about landscaping in that way, it's an aspect you should remember as a homeowner. Spending money on grass, trees, shrubbery and other landscaping elements can improve your curb appeal and home value, meaning it's an investment in your future when it comes time to sell your house.

Because some landscaping projects can add thousands, if not tens of thousands, to your home's value, they're certainly a lucrative investment. Of course, the best landscaping is what fits in with your vision for your home. That said, almost all quality landscaping improvements are an investment in your property.

3 Ideas for Landscaping Return on Investment

If you're looking to increase your home's value with landscaping projects, you can explore countless ideas that will give you an excellent return on your investment. Between planting large trees, repairing your lawn and creating stone paths, you'll find that a little work goes a long way to boost your property's value. Here are a few of our top picks for the best landscaping projects to increase property value in New York:

1. Planting Large-Specimen Trees and Shrubs

While larger specimen trees and shrubs are more expensive upfront than buying smaller saplings, they have a head start on the growth rate and will grow larger than your average greenhouse pick. These species are sure to add tons of curb appeal quickly, and will only improve the home's value as they grow. Just be sure to give your new trees plenty of water, especially in the first few years. Then, keep them well-manicured to preserve the return on investment these mature plants bring to your property.

2. Repairing Trouble Spots in Your Lawn

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve your curb appeal and home value through landscaping is to repair your lawn. Perhaps you've been in the home for years, and over time, some trouble spots in the grass have appeared. Maybe you bought a home with a less-than-desirable lawn and want to fix up a few areas. Either way, these simple fixes are perfect for boosting home value. This idea can include treating your lawn with fertilizers, watering dry areas, controlling weeds, managing insects and other harmful pests or re-seeding areas where the grass is more sparse.

A healthier lawn boosts your curb appeal and home value, so keep it well-maintained and trimmed appropriately, too. After a cold New York winter, you'll want to assess your front and back yards to ensure everything looks great. Most lawns will return to full health once spring arrives, but you should still look out for spots that haven't grown back. In that case, you'll want to reseed the dead areas.

3. Adding Paving Stones for Driveways and Patios

Another popular landscaping trick is installing paving stones. This type of landscaping work is actually referred to as hardscaping, and involves the decorative, non-living aspects of your landscaping design. Does hardscaping add value to a home? Absolutely! Old, cracked driveways and patio areas can look dated and run down, decreasing curb appeal and interested buyers. Rather than fix those problem areas with cement or asphalt, you can use paving stones as an attractive and durable alternative.

This upgrade will last for years while maintaining its beauty. Plus, paving stones are very affordable and completely customizable. You can find any style, shape or color of paving stone to match the architecture and color palette of your home. It's an excellent investment choice for your home's landscaping.


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