Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

With scorching temperatures and nearly endless direct sunlight, many homeowners find it difficult to keep their lawns looking lush, healthy and green during the summer. Due to hot days and infrequent maintenance, your lawn can brown and weaken, allowing weeds and disease to take over. To keep your landscaping looking pristine, it’s important to start tending to your lawn early in the growing season to promote thick and healthy growth and prevent weeds, disease and pest intrusion. Keep your lawn looking fresh and green by following these lawn care tips for summer months!

Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Every home needs proper and regular attention, whether your landscaping is marked with luscious and bold plantlife or simple houseplants. To keep your lawn looking healthy and promote longevity and performance, follow these lawn maintenance tips:

• Remove Debris: Remove any leaves or large landscaping materials that may be blocking the sunlight from reaching the grass, preventing growth.

• Test Soil: By understanding the pH levels in your soil, you can help determine the type of fertilizers will work best for your lawn. Lawns with low acidity will need sulfur additives, while high pH will require lime to even out the acidity in your soil.

• Add Fertilizers: Adding nutrients to your lawn will help the grass grow and stay healthy.

• Install Aeration: The best way to water your lawn is deeply and infrequently, giving your lawn at least 1 inch of water per week, permeating at least 4-6 inches into the ground. If you’re unsure of how deep the water is getting, then aerate your yard — a process that adds holes to the lawn to allow air, water and nutrient access to the grass roots.

• Repair Hardscaping: Winter climates can be hard on your decks, pavers and walkways. Keep these areas of your landscaping maintained by securing loose stones and sealing gaps or cracks.

Summer Lawn Maintenance

Once summer has fully set in, you can maintain your lawn by properly mowing, edging and controlling weed and moss growth. Mow your lawn once per week during the growing season and make sure the blades stay sharp — with sharpening performed at least once per year — so the grass will be cleanly cut and not shredded. Don’t remove more than one-third of the leaf blade while cutting, and during hot temperatures exceeding 80 degrees, your lawn should be kept at three-quarters to an inch and a half high. While mowing, cut around the perimeter in two strips, then move in perpendicular straight lines with alternating patterns to achieve the best mowing. While you mow, also perform edging tasks to keep your turf and beds neatly separated, preventing grass growth in your garden beds.

As long as you keep your yard healthy with watering, proper mowing techniques and fertilization, you’ll rarely find weeds in your yard. Should weeds pop up, hand pick them or use a select herbicide to safely kill them without damaging your lawn. In areas of your yard with high shade, you may find moss growth in the place of grass. To remove the moss and begin growing grass, prune any nearby trees that are casting shade, and then apply liquid iron to the area. This will kill the moss in only a few hours. Then take a rake to remove the debris and oversee the area to promote healthy grass growth.

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